The official music video directed by Simone Smith, premiering at GLEAM Festival, Glasgow, 10/6, then screening at New Perspectives in Popular Music Research, University of Agder, Norway 1/06; Connect Fest. CCA, Glasgow, with live dance & panel, 14/06; InMusic 2022, Royal College of Music, Stockholm, performance paper & screening, 19/6; Space Junk Broadcast Tour, Isle of Skye, roaming personal theatre, 1-15/08; Autotheory Conference 2022, The Tramway, Glasgow, performance paper & screening, 28/10.

Photo by Simone Smith

…an extraordinary album – eight intimate sketches on desire and its discontents performed with remarkable emotional reach; unswerving, magnetic music from the hidden wildness of human reality.

From the Margins.

…absolutely mesmerising. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the wig and the dress glittering like fish scales or armour against the rural backing. The music was very evocative, having both beguiling lyrics and the opportunity to listen to and be swept away by sound rather than meaning…

Alice Langley, panelist, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

…a significant artist. I don’t mean significant in terms of reputation. I mean of presence and awareness.

Damien Walter, writer & cultural critic.