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Gigs – 2023

9/2/23 - GLASGOW, UK, The Old Hairdresser's, Wall of Death Presents LOVE SONGS. Join us in channelling Elvis as we turn The Old Hairdresser's into Heartbreak Hotel, for one night only... 

With special guests Simone Smith as our in-hotel VJ and on stage collaborator with Sam Lou Talbot, Simone Seales on cello, and Tom W Green on keys. Doors 7.00pm - late, tickets here. 

*Wall of Death (WoD) is a Glasgow-based performance collective and experimental band founded in 2022 by Sam Lou Talbot, Aku Aki, Rebecca MacKenzie and Rob Turner.  

NEWS: WoD Presents has recently been awarded £1k from the PGR Collaboration and Community Building Award, University of Glasgow, to host WoD Presents events in February and June. The collective have also since been awarded a further £1k from the inaugural 'Thinking Culture' award initiated by #UofGlasgowCulture. 
Teaser by Simone Smith & Sam Lou Talbot, 2023.
26/6/23 - GLASGOW, UK, The Glue Factory, Glasgow, Wall of Death Presents NIGHTS OF SUN, 7.30pm - late, Tickets TBA.

Photos by Jean Huzheng

Sam Lou Talbot's as of yet unreleased song “Stuffed Animal” is to be featured in a film directed by the ultra lo-fi and critically revered godfather of the Argentinian New Wave, Raúl Perrone, in his forthcoming Retrospective at the Reina Sofia, Buenos Aires, February 2023. She also lends backing vocals to another scene in the film in her duet with Also Known as Ariel.

Sam Lou Talbot, Rob Turner, Rebecca MacKenzie, and Aku Aki are founding members of the Wall of Death Collective (WoD). In their inaugural gig at The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow, on November 3rd, WoD present an evening of live music, song, drumming and dark, carnivalesque karaoke in an intimate, lamp-lit stage set up. Tickets £5 in advance, £7 on the door.
The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, 3/11/22. Video by Simone Smith. Photo by Jean Yuzheng.

October 17-24 2022 – The Space Junk Broadcast Tour, VENICE, Italy

The Space Junk Broadcast Tour - crowdfunded and co-funded by The Royal Musical Association and the College of Arts, University of Glasgow - will be undertaken via a series of guerrilla gigs in public space, performances, events, and talks throughout 2022-23. From October 17th-24th, Sam will be broadcasting and performing in and around Venice. If you would like to support the making of the new album, head over to Sam's Go Fund Me campaign. 
“Chink” (6.50)
Register for a three-day line up of provocations, performances, workshops, and presentations. The co-organisers are pleased to announce an in-person plenary with Professor Jane Gallop, Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and an online keynote address by Dr Lauren Fournier. Sam Lou Talbot is on the organising committee and will be chairing various panels. As a speaker she will be performing a live, improvised version of The Space Junk Manifesto, featuring projected video footage from Venice, to create an installation at The Tramway. The performance will then be accompanied by a live reading of an autotheoretical exposé composed of citations and cut-up text, (re)written on location in Venice.

The official music video Blue Valentine, shot, edited, and directed by Glaswegian filmmaker, BAFTA New Talent Awardee, and founder of WILD ROOM - Simone Smith, with music written and performed by Sam Lou Talbot, feat. composer Dr Rūta Vitkauskaitė on violin, is to be screened at the following venues in June, 2022: The University of Agder, Norway, 1/6/22; GLEAM Festival, Glasgow, 10/6/22; CCA, Glasgow, 14/6/22; and Royal College of Music, Sweden, 19/06/22. Funded by the College of Arts RSA Grant, University of Glasgow. Simone Smith will be releasing a director's cut in February 2023.
Screening with live dance and panel Q&A, CCA Glasgow, 2022. Video by Joe White.
Innovation in Music Conference 2022 paper, Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden.

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