People don’t make albums anymore. They don’t make albums. They just try to sell a bunch of little quick singles and they burn out and they put out a new one and they burn out and they put out a new one. People don’t even listen to a body of work anymore.

Beyoncé, 2022

I’ve actually come to think of it as all one continuous song that just pours out of him.

Lance Ledbetter cited in Elujoba, Y., 2022. Lonnie Holley’s Life of Perseverance, and Art of Transformation. [online] Available at: <; [Accessed 5 May 2022].

Many of my favorite recordings have been made inside of an artist’s home with little to no regard of the outside world, but instead deep in their own that they are building in real time. And with that—I’d like to invite you into my own little world here and now and ask you to please step inside and spend A Night at the Little Los Angeles.

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