Music & Moving Image

Music & Moving Image
Footage by Simone Smith


Eleanor Kane

I think we are both ‘flow state prophetic people’ … and we’re both mixed media – what i like most in what you do is your ability to enter the inner state – to follow the ‘zone’. that matters to me more than form. when that’s in place – the form begins to look after itself…

Donna Matthews, (Klang, ex-Elastica)

Portal. I like it. Make more videos.

Damien Walter

7 May 2022

Sam Lou Talbot’s unreleas song “Stuffed Animal” is due to feature in a film currently being directed by Argentine radical filmmaker, Raúl Perrone. She also duets on another scene w/ Also Known as Ariel. The film, currently untitled, is likely to be screened in autumn/winter, 2022.

“Blue Valentine”, teaser for the official music video, directed by Simone Smith, released 14th February 2022.
“Portal” composed for The Next Stage, Feb 2021
The Beginning – Sam Lou Talbot
Lyrics:  Waiting on the road / Willing my soul... (repeat)
“Alibi”, 2021, filmed outside Glasgow Science Museum.

A man drove by on a desert road
He stopped 15 metres in front of me
I breathed in quite deeply
Looked right on behind me
But there was nobody there to help me
There was nobody there to help me

The man he got out
I saw what his face was about
He held his hand out
And said: “Lovely thing
Where are you going
On this fine evening?”

And I looked to the stars for help.
And I prayed that I would get out alive.
And the road it is longer than all of my dreams
But I hang on for deliverance ‘cos I know what it means
To give up on your precious dreams and your life and what it means
When you’re looking in the rear-view mirror waiting patiently for something to happen

For something to happen
For something to happen
For something to happen
For something to happen
For something to happen
For something to happen
For something to happen
For something to happen

And I know that I’ll get out alive 
And I’ll scream for a thousand years
And I’ll wait for an alibi 
To come and allay and I’ll hold down all my tears
And I’ll wait for an earthquake to come and tear me apart ‘cos I know that I’m waiting for love to come 
And open me up
Open me up
Open me up
Open me up
Open me up
Open, open me up
Open, open, open, open, open, open me up.

And the blue of the California sky
It was calling me so high
I can’t see my reflection
In the rear-view mirror I have changed my face my clothes my hair
No none recognised me by my silent stare
And I’ll wait for no man no more
And I follow the highway I don’t know where it’s gonna lead
But I’m crying for no one and nothing and I’m crying for no man, no man, no man, no man (moaning), no man, no man, no man, no man, (chant louder), no man, no man, no man, I’m crying for no man, no man, no man, no man, no man, no man, no man, no man (soft outro).
“High Water”, 2021
High Water

Sleigh bells sing
My heart rings
My mobile phone sings
With notifications
Random bleeps
Somebody cares for me 
In their sleep, in their sleep

I work home alone
The snow it falls
I wish I had walked 
All around the world 

They say that when your time has come there are
Certain things you wish you’d have done before
I guess I’m ready to be loved again
But high water is swallowing me
Me, me, me

O’ row, by home
O’ roam, by home

Nursery Rhymes

She sold her soul 
To the first bidder.
She said she was
The original sinner.
They all looked at her like
She was bad.
And then the man in the front he
Put his hand up 
And this he said.
I will take, 
I will take the bad girl.
I will make her in to a good girl.
I will teach her how to spell.
I will read her nursery rhymes. 
Nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes.

I was ready for the man to take me home.
To tell me something about his mobile phone.
He could teach me how to use it in my sleep.
So I could call for help if I need.
Hey, you are ready to know me lover, then hold up your arms and row your boat,
I don't wanna to know why you can't be.

Hey - hey - hey -
Hey - hey - hey -

Rainbow Fish – Sam Lou Talbot
“Capri”, w/ Donna Matthews. 2021

Constellations – Sam Lou Talbot

Do you see the starts when you look up to Mars?
Do you see the way that I couldn't be your love?
Do you know the names of the constellations?
Do you feel the temperature when I come in the room?

Do you want to let it all go?
As if we never knew,
That there's a side of us that needs one another. 
And darling, I'm waiting for you.

And you lose everybody you know,
'Cos you can't let yourself love
And you're holding the best of yourself,
For an imaginary figure you've yet to meet.
And I know that I've been a sinner.
And I take it back I wish I'd been better.
But darling if you'd let me in.
I'll promise to begin.

'Cos it's the way, the way you love,
And it's only gonna breathe
Won't you hear me?
When I hold you body?
And I don't even know,
How to love anybody but you,
I've been around the block a thousand times, 
And all I want is you.

So won't you hear me out?
When I tell you what love's all about.
Won't you hear me out,
Come on hold my dreaming without a doubt. 
Come on hold my dreaming without a doubt. 
I will love you till the end of the Earth,
And I will love you to the days they do, 
I will always always be here
Darling, do you hear? 

I will always, I will always be true,
'Cos darling, I love you.
I will always, always be true, 
'Cos my darling, my darling, I love you.
Glow – Sam Lou Talbot, 2021, filmed in the Kilpatrick Bra
Paris, w/ Donna Matthews, 2021
Experimental dance, 2021
Hymen, 2020, Fender guitar, sarong, and plastic bottle.

“Dust”, instant composition on guitalele, 2021

God, hold your hand now
I’m trying to see you 
I’m calling for rescue
Will you come over tonight?

I’m hiding a fortune 
Underneath the staircase
If you tell me your secrets, I’ll share it
Love where are you going?
Where were you when I needed you?

I saw the stars
They were right above me

And all the world has turned to dust
When we open our eyes
And all the world Is turning to dust when we open our eyes 
And all the world is turning 
To dust
Is turning
To dust
Is turning to dust
Is turning to dust

You Talk About Camus, 2020

An improvised single-take from an unmade album called Songs in Homage of Dead, White Men for Matt Lamb, a mad Aussie who used to walk down escalators, and make me laugh. Demo recorded on a handheld TASCAM in 2016. Filmed on location in QEFP, Scotland, 2020. Video footage by Adriana Minu, edited by Sam Lou Talbot.

Photo by Simone Smith
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