Mer-Made (2018)

Artfully rough-edged, Mer-Made is never less than an album of beautifully intense and hypnotic music – its poetic spirit seemingly conjured from the shadows and half-light of the artist’s own psyche. Read on…

From the Margins

Like Cohen, but darker, hypnotic, even mysterious. One can hear Patti Smith’s Banga in the poetry.

Reg Meuross

As raw as Marianne Faithfull’s Broken English.

Paul Vivian

A haunting song enveloped within and enriched by her velvety alto, a voice that somehow manages to couple Joan Baez’s smooth melodic expressiveness with Patti Smith’s growly gravitas.

Frank Garrett

Haunting atmosphere with just vocals and acoustic guitar, absolutely amazing.

For the Lag of God

Sublime. Very raw and honest and poetic.

Georgina Cook
Washed-Up (2017), video footage of the sea, on returning from France, six months prior to releasing Mer-Made, Rock-a-Nore, Hastings, England

Stream Mer-Made

  1. Five Hours 06.59

2. Siren Song 06.44

3. O’ Fire Come 04.41

4. Lo and Behold 05.05

5. Second Skin 04.14

6. Jasmine 09.24

7. By the Loch 03.55

Six months’ post album release. Photos taken in residence at Cove Park, December 2021, or at Helensburgh Travelodge.

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