Cove Park

The Smell of Cut Grass is True 

Dogs tear up the street 
the light is less than before 
I hold up my hand 
as if I have a question in mind 
thinking about syntax 
and non-patriarchal units 
through the ceiling
they are arguing, again
random vowels 
let loose
cat scarred the sofa
(could do with mending) 
dead rat odour has dissipated, finally 
I want to walk with you 
in the landscape you do not know 
show you my tree 
the one that stands alone 
in the middle of a field 
the one I’ve photographed in all seasons and sent you via DM
sea cabbage for tea? 
we can boil it in a pot 
the shingle at tide-out tonight was Jarman-esque
reminded me of Dungeness (although I’ve never been)
re-reading Modern Nature
painting with words 
these pages are fronds 
in an ordered garden 
zones of ink 
loop and turn into 
folds of sea 
a view of a ship lined with fever 
the smell of cut grass is true 
the delirious hue 
of the night sweats he knew 
gladioli–splayed out on a Dove grey wall 
contemporary sells 
a plastic blue tit reclines on a plant pot 
with his loud yellow breast 
my Dad texts from Inverness 
a postcard from Salem hides the spine of five books Viv Albertine, Clothes Clothes Clothes... 
potato farls cut into quarters 
Dorothy’s red shoes found online
sat killing time 
on the tiles of a fake fire.

I Am Light, Johnny Flynn 

And the swell of my seas 
Is the call of all being 
And the sun brings me through 
And the moon drives the waves 
And the pull of my heart 
To the stars I keep seeing 
I am light, I am dark 
I am no more afraid

I Am Light, by Johnny Flynn

For the man's music over the last few months. In gratitude.   

My Spiritual Cowboy 

My Spiritual Cowboy Three poems to be exhibited in a literary salon at The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, Texas, October 2018, curated by artist-in-residence, Susan Finlay; featuring poets Auerlia Guo, William Kherbeck, Phoebe Blatton, Sarah Harrison, Amy Key and Daisy Lafarge.


Darkling (Audio)

of rime 


vegetable patch 

swinging chair 


on the darkling 


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