Sam Lou Uncased Podcast

Sam Lou Uncased Podcast

Sam Lou Uncased is a long form indie songwriting podcast which chronicles the storying of musical lives. Episode 10, with visionary Irish-based avant-garde singer-songwriter and producer, Jo Beth Young, is out now. All episodes are archived on my YouTube channel and on my show on CAMP Radio’s Mixcloud.

Episode 10 – Jo Beth Young

Jo Beth Young, 2021

The magic happens in the spontaneity, for me.

Jo Beth Young
Jo Beth Young

In this spirited chat with Jo Beth Young, recorded in February 2021, Sam & Jo discuss their experiences of sexism and ageism in the industry, improvisation, the role of nature, ritual, and landscape, and the autonomy of producing oneself versus being produced.

Songwriters are very open landing spaces, the songs don’t belong us to us, we’re just tools,…[Y]ou have a very static kind of door which you’re working with in production. The process of producing and engineering yourself is a form of ritual…[Y]ou have to become that empty see-through vase that the song can come through.

Jo Beth Young

Episode 8 – Songdance

Episode 8 – Songdance

Songdance brings the power of Authentic Singing & Dancing to homes across the world to (re)connect people with their voice and body through music. 

Half of the nomadic Belgian duo/couple, Songdance, Uppala lost her speech to a brain tumour, but what could have been a cataclysmic event turned out to be the source of a journey into miraculous sound making that turned her life around. 

She quit her job as a Quality Manager of eight years in the pharmaceutical industry, on suffering from burnout. She first met Yavin at a workshop on personal growth and transformation. Their paths later aligned to form a powerful nomadic duo who now help others use their own voice for healing.

As a trained musician and professional pianist, Yavin had previously been working with voice and polyphonous composition for 6 years. He was aware of the voice’s power to heal depression and shift energy from deep stress and fear, into surrender, no instruments required; giving sound to the energy of the moment, and allowing what the voice wants to express rather than ‘achieving’ what it should.

Episode 7 – Nathan Maingard

Photo by Nathan Maingard

Maingard writes protest songs for lovers and love songs for rebels.–

LMG Magazine

Amazing mid-pandemic modern-day troubadour and folk medicine aficionado Nathan Maingard opens Episode 7 of Sam Lou Uncased with an intimate diddly on the uke from his home farm in South Africa. In this free-flowing and open-hearted chat Nathan and Sam dig deep into being nomadic versus rooted, building community through his online platforms, the use of psychedelics in depression, rewilding, and what it means to write a song right now. Nathan’s delicate outro – “Every Leaf” – turns over a new year. Nathan Maingard’s commitment to life and generosity of spirit ooze through with compassion and love. This is one of my favourite ‘casts, I felt quite emotional after ending the call. Humbled to have been able to chat with such a good and honest person, vulnerable and unafraid to be open about his demons, and how he got to where he’s at. Compassion via Skype.

Episode 6

“Uncasing Sam Lou Uncased. An Autoethnography of a Songwriting Podcast.” By Samantha Talbot. Published by the Songwriting Studies Research Network. This is a video document of a presentation first given by Sam Lou Talbot at The Autoethnography of Composition and the Composition of Autoethnography conference on Wednesday 17 June 2020 at University of Glasgow.

Episode 6 – Sam Lou Talbot in conversation with the forest, QEFP, Aberfoyle, 2019

Episode 6 of “Sam Lou Uncased” finds Sam Lou Talbot in conversation with the forest. In the midst of a resurgence of COVID-19 in her current home base of Glasgow, she travels to Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, via train, bus, and foot, where she takes the listener on an aural journey through improvisation and ‘walking song’. *This series includes performative audio-visual documentation.

Episode 5

Photo by Oscar Butler

2020. “Blow Up Your TV”. No More Gatekeepers. Folk singer, songwriter, and People Scientist, David Bridwell, Ph.D., takes Sam Lou Talbot’s call from his closet, post meridian, at his home in Birmingham, Alabama. Talking strategy, labyrinths, and his #onesongpermonth challenge on YouTube, David tells us why we should spend 24 hours a day writing songs, sprinkling some magic fairy dust in the form of music business lessons from Bob Dylan. Shining light on his “6000 miles busking experiment” to find out how people really are, they navigate New Mexico and the desert, dryness and death of “The White Sands Sessions”; “responsible capitalism” and cutting in line at The Bluebird Cafe; images on a wall in Muscle Shoals of clocks and time; “creating culture” where there’s no where to run; and using music as an excuse to tour and meet new people. Which highway are we going to go on now?

From David’s website – What Is Culture? The Social Brain, Culture, And Society

Magic is created when the locals congregate among the mixture of coffee shops, cleaners, record stores, dive bars, and empty store fronts. Changes in culture emerge in places where the local artists get together and calibrate their views on society, and when their collective processing emerges as “art”. Culture bundles collective energy and resolves conflict.

David Bridwell, PhD.

Twitter: @Bridwell_Dave
Facebook: @DavidBridwellMusic
Instagram: @davidbridwellmusic
Photo credit: Oscar Butler

Episode 4

Photo by Josienne Clarke

December 12, 2019, and the Red Wall has fallen. But there are still albums to be made! And podcasts to be heard! In this festive Episode 4 of Sam Lou Uncased, Sam Lou Talbot heads into an alchemical new decade in conversation with the self-proclaimed “master of nothing” and “council house Leonard Cohen”, Mr Alec Bowman-Clarke. Laying it all bear, the self-deprecating musician, songwriter, film maker and photographer gets to grips with the ways we’re supposed to talk about ourselves today; the right chords and the right words and the right notes, said in the right way; Premier Inns; and the grit of Rothesay; the vulnerable defiance of John Moreland live; the untouchability of the character that is Gillian Welch; second chances; and what it means to be raw, brave and bold through song en route to 2020.

Listen on Alec’s site

Episode 3

Photo by Doug MacGregor

In this third and wide-ranging episode of Sam Lou Uncased, Sam Lou Talbot is in conversation with London-based guitarist and composer Douglas MacGregor, whose music appears in the gaps between classical, folk and experimental traditions. His work to date is a testament to the power of music to heal in times of grief and loss. His initial album “Songs of Loss and Healing” brought to life seven pieces of music recorded in seven different non-studio locations to articulate his personal experience of delayed grief 25 years after the loss of his mother to cancer at the age of seven. They talk about the unique power of music to break down the cultural barriers that stop us from “grieving well”, Freud, Jung and being in the “passenger seat”; Ragas, gravitational waves, and growing up on the Delta bluesmen Robert Johnson, “Son” House, and Mississippi John Hurt, concluding with “New Beginnings” and an accompanying UK tour.

Episode 2

Photo by Josh Allen

Episode 2 of Sam Lou Uncased finds her one dark and rainy October evening in cosy conversation with the NYC-based singer-songwriter and producer, Josh Allen, who writes

…inside the whirlwind that is New York City… country hymns tuned in to the traffic hum and the subway rumble.

Josh Allen

His folk songs have been described as “heartfelt”, but what does that even mean nowadays? Sam & Josh have a go at defining Will Oldham, what makes a ‘killer voice’, Townes van Zandt’s commands, and the ‘longing’ in Nick Drake’s lyrical world. They talk voice memos with trucks going by, the cult of the amateur, and on Josh’s forthcoming release, the playful, lush and harmonically ambitious Oblivion Orchestra.

Episode 1

This inaugural episode of ‘Sam Lou Uncased’ finds her rocking up early on Buchanan Street with Aussie busker, and hemisphere-hopping biker, Malachy, who, in plain-speak, has a voice to die for. They kick off with an old Celtic proverb, over a flat white in his van, as he stakes his claim for the pitch of the day. Mal and Sam talk about ‘becoming’ on the road, the ‘romance’ of busking, working the crowd, Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’, the lyrical prowess of John Lee Hooker’s one line songs, the practicalities of black acrylic nails, immigration, and his Irish roots. Malachy’s new album Drifter was released 20/4/21.

Meeting Mal had a deep effect on me. I met him at a time when I needed to meet someone like him, to remind me of something. Here he is, doing what he does best, cracking us open, and making us feel:

Malachy – “With or Without You” (U2 Cover) Belfast, 2019

Insta: @MalachyOfficial


*Interviews are undertaken according to the ethics code of conduct via the College of Arts University of Glasgow having been given ethics approval. Data is protected in accordance with the GDPR. Podcasts are archived online, and on CAMP RADIO and MIxcloud. *The podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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