Love & politics

Love & politics

“Wisconsin”, 2018

…folds space and time.

Rachael de Moravia

“Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”, Four Poems, 2018

… – a great piece.

C.C. O’Hanlon

“Motel Drumming”, 2019

I would love to publish Motel Drumming (you have such a lovely voice!)… a wonderful video.

Yanina Spizzirri

“Miranda in Juno”, 2019

I love it…

Olivia E Cronk
“Capitalism”, sound poem, 2021, w/ Donna Matthews
Walking Across the Old Berlin Wall at 5 a.m., 2020
Please Scan It Now, 2021.
Firebird, a Russian folk tale reimagined in Asda, St Leonards-on-Sea, 2019
Il Cardellino (The Goldfinch) 2017, visuals by StueyB

Sound Thought Resolutions Festival, The Shape of Love and Letter for Slavoj Žižek, sound poem, University of Glasgow Concert Hall, Dec. 2019.

Singer-songwriter, artist, and PhD researcher Sam Lou Talbot presented a compelling performance of The Shape of Love, an original sound poem inspired by Dadaist Hugo Ball’s 1917 work, Karawana. Talbot displayed her captivating vocals through a series of explorations of ‘O’ vowel sounds. Talbot’s approach to sound, in conjunction with the incorporation of physical gesture and later movement throughout the space, created a highly charged and personal performance which absorbed the audience into her sound world.”

Dr Kevin Leomo, composer
“You’ll Never Look at Yourself”, 2020, spontaneous song/instant composition
I am not a product!!! Do you hear me? Do you save me?

20:06:32 From E (she/her) to Everyone:
Sam Lou, love your deep voice…
20:07:24 From J to Everyone:
so much soul!
20:07:49 From A to Everyone:
love the production of double voices slightly independent of each other – getting nick cave vibes!
20:08:42 From to Everyone:
oh thank you
20:09:06 From ED to Everyone:
I really love the lighting and visuals as well. The way you are in colour but it looks like the outside is black and white is amazing
20:09:22 From to Everyone:
Really interesting thank you
20:09:36 From ED to Everyone:
Kind of getting David Thomas Broughton vibes, ! (Singer songewriter I love!)
20:09:50 From to Everyone:
A Complete Guide to Insufficiency !!
20:09:58 From ED to Everyone:
🙂 yea!
20:11:35 From H (She/They) to Everyone:
multi modal magic right there! Wow, Samantha!
20:12:00 From to Everyone:
How lovely, thanks
20:12:04 From Lucy Farrell to Everyone:
20:12:46 From S to Everyone:
Wow – that was really powerful! Really intense, with the layers of voice and the visual images. Your voice is so powerful.
20:12:51 From A to Everyone:
bloody love a long song!!
20:13:07 From K Potapoff (she/her) to Message):
I really enjoyed that! I have so many questions too, totally gives context to our conversation the other week 🙂
20:14:03 From EH to Everyone:
You have a great rich tone
20:15:56 From F to Everyone:
reminds me of twin peaks music – liked it 🙂
20:16:08 From S to Everyone:
I totally believed that the lyrics were true and you’d lived them
20:16:17 From Hillary (She/They) to Everyone:
I think it felt both personal AND universal…the ultimate songwriting goal, right?!
20:16:50 From S to Everyone:
I am not a product!!!
20:17:34 From to Katie Hart Potapoff (she/her)(Direct Message):
Yes, S!!
20:18:36 From S to Everyone:
I enjoyed the bird flying past behind you at one point too.
20:18:50 From ED to Everyone:
Yes that was great

The above comments were extracted (and anonymised) from a Hudson Unearthed online songwriting session, August, 2021.

Karawane, commission, Reader-for Hire, performed under a quilt on an Android, 2018

Her interpretation of Hugo Ball’s sound poem “Karawana” (1917) sets a new standard for how that poem should be performed. Instead of relying on pure rhythm, she reveals the melodic possibilities of its nonsense syllables.

Frank Garrett, translator and critic
“Come to Me”, instant composition on guitalele, 2021

WOW I just heard Come to Me song – it’s amazing! Your voice and emotion and lyrics are all incredible… honestly floored at how great it is!

Arthur Le Roy, producer

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