Reader for Hire

Performing as 'un autre', I read commissions for websites, podcasts, digital downloads, educational and creative contexts, workshops, or in person. All genres accepted. I have had requests from writers, both English and non-native speakers, to read their work for their site, or to read for them in person at book signings or events.  For examples of commissioned works, see gallery, or follow me on Soundcloud 
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The concept for 'Reader-for-Hire' came from the brief novel 'La lectrice' by Raymond Jean, published by Peirene Press. I discovered the book at Luton airport on my way to Copenhagen in early 2018.  Recordings so far have been done on location, in hotel rooms in New York or Copenhagen, or in temporary abodes. They are intended to be autobiographical interpretations of the original text. For example, the lengthy Kierkegaard narrative - The Seducer's Diary - documents my spell alone in a hotel room in Vesterbro, where I inhabited the recording over a period of hours, one late, snowy afternoon, in the city where it was written.

 I have been requested to read an arts text/essay for an audio guide for Tate Britain's THE EY EXHIBITION: IMPRESSIONISTS IN LONDON, and commissioned to interpret Hugo Ball's Dadaist sound poem 'Karawana' (1917)  which I gave new form by focusing on its melodic possibilities.