Space Junk

Space Junk

…art is anything we can get away with.

Marshall McLuhan (1964) “The Medium is the Message”, in Man. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man.

You can break through to something else, but if you’re not up for destroying you can’t get there.

David Lynch (cited in Nieland, 2012:168).

I saw a highway of diamonds with nobody on it.

Bob Dylan (1965), “It’s Alright Ma”, Bringing it All Back Home.

I have no idea what will happen on the night, because every live show that Lonnie [Hollie] does is a unique thing that exists only in that moment. What I can tell you is that it will be a tightrope walk, because it always is.

Matt Arnett, cited in O’Hagan (2022), ‘It’s like one continuous song pours out of him’: meet the shaman-like artist-musician Lonnie Holley.

And I will have the desire – always – to move forward and to do something else.

PJ Harvey (cited in Kellaway, 2022), PJ Harvey, poet: Dorset is light and dark, ecstasy and melancholy.’

We all have inside ourselves a woman who walks alone on the road. In all women there is something in revolt that is not expressed.

Agnès Varda (1985), Vagabond.

Image, Simone Smith
SPACE JUNK is a cosmic 14-track album of spontaneous provocations, spirituals & sonic pioneering, out summer 2022. It's a hybrid music and research experiment immortalised on a short vinyl run with packaging, which deals with emotional debris, and what we do with it. The idea for the title came out of a WhatsApp family thread on space tourism. 

All tracks written, performed and mixed by Sam Lou Talbot. Mastered by Paul Gallagher.

*15% of proceeds will be donated to The Native Wellness Institute based in Oregon who are "the leading provider of Native-specific and wellness-related training and technical assistance to Native people, communities, tribes, and organizations throughout North America."  
Happenings / 

- Space Junk 7th Floor Harbourside Balcony Launch Party.
- Space Junk Manifesto - an autotheoretical impulse. 
- The Space Junk Broadcast 'Tour', summer 2022,the roaming personal theatre camper van show/installation + plein air guerrilla gigs.
- Space Junk Ephemera - a showreel/photographic footage of the tour. 
- Pop-up, VANishing screenings.

Space Junk Manifesto

(Here’s a smattering of the beginnings of it, an autotheoretical impulse, written to be performed, and never in the same way twice).
“I think you need an ‘engagement vehicle’”, he said. Welcome to The Space Junk VANishing Personal Theatre.

This whole world’s wild at heart and weird on top.

Lula, in Wild at Heart (Lynch, 1990).

Pressing ‘record’ on a DAW can be a case of


into space

The cord is cu -t
there is a flourishing of

dead satellites, blossoming and


the ever constant threat of

broken radios
solidified liquids

random bits of metal

paint flecks

let loose on an eternal trajectory.


No one will know what this journey means.

Herzog, 2015 [1978]

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