Exquisite, sensual, and piercing. Sam makes it sound as if these words were meant only to be heard by the listener, as a private letter read aloud before sending. ”

— Richmond Powers, publisher

Relaxed, sensuous, clear readings which, best of all, don't sound like they're by an actor. ”

David Belbin, author

Sam Talbot reads beautifully. Her voice will both lull and seduce you. ”

Bronwen Griffiths, novelist

Fantastic readings.”

Gonzalo C. Garcia, author of 'We Are the End'

Sam has a wonderful voice, she reads poetry in a magical way. Achmatova! And her pictures are pieces of art. ”

Wolfgang Hermann, author of Herr Faustini Takes a Trip

Her interpretation of Hugo Ball’s sound poem “Karawane” sets a new standard for how that poem should be performed. Instead of replying on pure rhythm, she reveals the melodic possibilities of its nonsense syllables. ”

Frank Garett, translator and critic

A voice that you would want to hear narrating your favourite piece. Seductive and soothing! ”

— Raghad Jalal, music journalist

...a very talented singer/songwriter and poet. Having listened to her read her own poetry — as well as the poetry of others — on numerous occasions, she brilliantly captures the mood of each individual piece. Highly recommended.”

Julian Gallo, novelist

Sam has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. The enunciation is penetrating as it reveals the words. They emerge as if first formed by her: wise, honest, and true to its own spirit. Evidence of some purity. I think she could make reading a phone book interesting. Her voice is that appealing. ”

— Richmond Powers, Walker Percy aficionado

Sam expresses the connotations of the spoken word with a mastery of intonation and inflection. Her delivery has authenticity with a control and clarity of nuance. One is carried through passage or verse with an aesthetic that is deep and immersive, and can be beautifully haunting. ”

Richard Nash, lecturer and graphic designer

Wow. Sam sounds fantastic. Clear, concise reading with a warm compelling tone that doesn't interfere with the text, but brings the reader into the work. As it should.” ”

Shane Strange, poet and academic