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  1. Siren Song

From the album Mer-Made

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Siren Song

I lay my body
Beneath the waves
I tied myself to your words
I look for you
By the moonlight
We try to calm
Each other down
But you are loved

I say I don’t
Need light to see
The blue is aluminium to me
I can’t die before my time
‘Cos sirens have no nursery rhymes

You come and say you don’t believe
In love or light or anything I might
You take the side of the Gods you know
We wait beneath the tide to go under moonlight
Under moonlight

I don’t want to cause a fuss
But siren’s do
We do what we must
And I desire you
From the coral abode
And I desire you
Don’t you know?

I cannot go away
The night is jasmine
Heady don’t you say?

Sailor come
Sailor come
Sailor come
Sailor come
O’ come
O’ come
O’ come
O’ come
O’ come