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  1. Second Skin

From the album Mer-Made

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Second Skin

We were like
Lovers until
The sky it broke
Your stubborn will

Now I have tried
To open up
The way I am
So I can love

And you, you came
Like driving rain
With your words
An earthquake came

What will I know
When I call out for snow
And the sky is so low
And they challenge me to let go
Of my ways, my words, my deeds
My only Godspeed
The way I let you in
Was no mistake
But I, your woman

For time has come
Take me away
Driver love, oh, oh
I say you’re ready
To ask me out

The right way
Words I do without

O’ take me in love, come
Your second skin, my love come
Wrap it around me, undone
You are my, woman