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  1. O' Fire Come

From the album Mer-Made

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O’ Fire Come

I saw your face
Like heaven sent
You lied above
Fire I leant
You came to me
Like father said
Bearing your gifts
Of love and reason

The Dorset sky
Was bluer than
My only abode
And I have wed
All of the town
But you’re the one for me
You make me laugh

You wear silver
In your hair
You have eyes of Flowers
Lavender, come on

We wait
Till I have been
Your saving grace Father seem
Take me, I’m all light
Figure eight
Start up saying love a favour is

Come on
You tired one
Lift your head up high
Come on, come on
You can
Reach the sky

Reach the sky
Father love
Failing everything I do I feel no good
But he says: “You are
A distant star,
Come on, fire it up
Get it up girl.
You are
Not to waste
Your precious days
Feeling like there is no rhyme or reason left."

Come on
Take me away
Fire, come on
Burn me today
With your...