From the album Mer-Made

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Lo and Behold

O’ Lord wait
Find the path to my heart
O’ Lord carry your body before
I have all my weight in gold
With me in a sack which I hold

No rest for the wicked he says
No rest for the wicked he says
Nut I am not wicked I cry
To which my Lord looks me in the eye

And lo and behold my body
And lo and behold my face
And lo and behold my aching limbs
Go and walk yourself away

The slight of the eye is for you
We speak not to but for you
I know I am alone in my abode
But you accompany me wherever I go

Stay by me
Chastise me
Hello I have been here before

You cry
Your eyes out
If I help you, would you leave
And go and discover yourself like you will?

And I only want what’s best for you
And I only need what you will
And baby I hurt for you
Go my lover go
Go go go